Interdisciplinary Networking Group (CARING)
CARe has launched a new research networking initiative called CARING (CARe Interdisciplinary Networking Group).

CARING provides a supportive space for UBD researchers from all disciplines to discuss topics related to their research journey on a bi-monthly basis. The network aims to facilitate and enhance interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers from all walks of life who otherwise may not meet each other.
Community Service
CARe is proud of the valuable work that our staff, research associates, interns and research assistants carry out to benefit worthy projects/causes and making contribution to our community. Some of these include:
  • Participation in various charity events
  • Delivered a talk at the Pusat Kegiatan Warga Emas (Activity Centre for the Older Persons), Tutong District
  • Donated blood at the blood donation drive
  • Donated various items to organisations that collect and distribute them to people in need
  • Community service with different charitable organisations in Brunei
  • Research collaboration with non-profit organisations