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Stability, Growth and Sustainability: Catalysts for Socio-economic Development in Brunei Darussalam

As in many other oil and gas dependent countries, Brunei Darussalam—a country with a small population but the second highest income per capita in Southeast Asia—has been diversifying its economy in three sectors: from oil and gas to other sectors of export/economic growth; from the dominance of public sector employment to a more balanced public and private sectors employment; and from heavy dependence on foreign labours to development of local talents. This book examines the current socio-economic development in the journey toward a diversified social economy, as targeted in Brunei Vision 2035. By examining the unique context of Brunei, this book fills in the gap on studies focusing on socio-economic diversification. It highlights the importance of the environment, digital technology and human capital in the diversification process. The book culminates with analyses on business, economy, employment and welfare in Brunei toward 2035, with a new face: a digitalized, sustainable and self-reliant society with a highly developed human capital and a flourishing private sector. 

Journal Papers


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