CARe Health and Ageing Researchers at ADI-APRC 2023

The Centre for Advanced Research (CARe) attended the Alzheimer’s Disease International – Asia Pacific Regional Conference (ADI-APRC) 2023, 27th -29th October 2023. The conference served as a crucial platform for advancing knowledge and promoting active and healthy ageing in and beyond the Asia-Pacific region. This significant event was supported by Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre (PJSC).

Dr. Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad, the Director of CARe, presented a paper titled ‘Forging Ahead: The Vital Role of the Centre for Advanced Research (CARe) in Promoting Active and Healthy Ageing,’ emphasising the centre’s pivotal role in this field in one of the plenary sessions

Dr Khadizah Mumin, Senior Assistant Professor at PAPRSB IHS and Research Associate at CARe presented ‘Dementia Care in the Age of 4IR: Challenges and Opportunities’. The session highlighted the potential benefits and challenges of using Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies in dementia care. Whilst promising early diagnosis and personalised dementia treatment, they also raise concerns and emphasize the need to strike a balance between the advantages and limitations.

Dr Asmah Husaini, Assistant Professor (PAPRSB IHS) presented ‘Advanced Care Planning in Dementia: A Discussion from an Islamic Perspective; Discussion – Development of Palliative Care for Dementia. A case study on end-of-life discussion with families of advanced dementia’. She recommended an Islamic framework that can be used by healthcare professionals to ease conversations about advanced care planning for patients and families.

Dr Sharimawati Hj Sharbini, Assistant Professor (PAPRSB IHS), presented, ‘PMK2F – Health and Physical Strength Empowerment Program for 60 Years and Above – A Pilot Project‘. A pilot program on strength and balance training for the elderly in Brunei’s ageing population. The program focused on increased independence, risk reduction (falls), mobility and preventing sarcopenia, which is the age-related loss of muscle mass and bone density. The program also aligned the focus of exercises with Muslim prayer movements. The was well-received and showed promising results, including improved strength, mobility, and overall well-being for the elderly participants.

Dr Deeni Rudita, Assistant professor (PAPRSB IHS), moderated some sessions and also manned the booth, UBD healthy ageing related activities and research under CARe, conferences

Dr. Anni@Nik Aini Afiqah Hj Mohammad Tuah (Senior Assistant Professor at PAPRSB IHS and Research Associate, CARe) was one of the panellists for the Breakout Session on Stroke and Dementia Forum.

Dr Noreena Liu (Lecturer, FASS) presented her work on ‘Empowering Individuals and Families Living with Dementia through Digital Technology.

Also supporting the event is UBD’s Assistant Vice Chancellor Innovation and Enterprise, Professor Ayub Sadiq who is actively mentoring researchers of Ageing or older persons.

In addition to these informative sessions, CARe set up a booth to showcase their research and publications, providing attendees with the opportunity to explore the latest developments in the field of healthy ageing in the country.

Putting Care at the Heart of Advanced Research: Caring at CARe