The Centre welcomes commissioned projects from both public and private sectors. We provide a collaborative platform for researchers from different disciplines to work together on several overlapping research areas pertinent to these three research clusters:

youth & economy
  • Education
  • Mobility
  • Employment
  • Social Behaviour
welfare & poverty
  • Income Disparity and Wealth Distribution
  • State Subsidies and Pension
  • Philanthropy and Charity
  • Disability and Accessibility
health & aging
  • Workplace Health
  • Lifestyle Related Illnesses
  • Elderly Health and Chronic Care
  • Psychological and Physical Well-Being
Adolescent-friendly health services in Brunei Darussalam: a qualitative study
Investigated by Dr Nik Ani Afiqah Haji Mohamad Tuah, Dr Deeni Rudita Idris, Dr Siti Norhedayah Hj Abdul Latif,
Dk Ratna Suriani Pg Hj Osman, Dr Hjh Norhayati Kassim & Dr Roslin Hj Sharbawi.

A Quantitative Study on the Employability of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Graduates
Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman, AP Dr Hoon Chang Yau, Dr Yazid Abubakar Abdullahi
& Dr Siti Fatimahwati Pehin Dato Hj Musa.

A Demographic and Socio-Economic Survey on Belait District, Brunei Darussalam
Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman, AP Dr Hoon Chang Yau & Susi Ibrahim

Employability of Recent Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Graduates: A Pilot Qualitative Study
Investigated by Assistant Professor Koh Sin Yee, Associate Professor Hoon Chang Yau
& Dr Ly Slesman

The Pursuit of Chinese Language among Bruneian Youths: Social, Cultural and Economic Factors
Investigated by Associate Professor Hoon Chang Yau, Assistant Professor Koh Sin Yee
& Associate Professor Noor Azam bin Othman

An Empirical Study on the Effects of Social Capital on Internal Conflicts: Panel Data Evidence
Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman

Informal/Social Institutional Frameworks for Foreign Capital Flows and Economic Growth
Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman

Institutions, Foreign Direct Investment and Entrepreneurship: Panel Data Evidence
Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman, Assistant Professor Yazid Abubakar Abdullahi
& Professor Jay Mitra

National Study of the Elderly Persons in Brunei Darussalam
Investigated by Dr Khadizah Hj Mumin, Dr Yusnani Mohd Yusof,
Ms Armah Tengah, Dr Ly Slesman & Susi Ibrahim
AP Dr. Hoon Chang Yau
Hoon, Chang-Yau, and Esther Kuntjara, “The Politics of ‘Mandarin Fever’ in Contemporary Indonesia: Resinicization, Economic Impetus, and China’s Soft Power”, Asian Survey (Accepted 14/12/2018).
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Dr. Ly Slesman
"Dutch Disease effect of Oil Price on Agriculture Sector: Evidence from Panel Cointegration of Oil Exporting Countries", International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 8 (5), pp. 241-250.
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Dr. Yusnani Mohd Yusof-Kozlowski
Public Spaces And Urban Sustainability In The Tropical Built Environment.
Dr. Nik Anni Afiqah Haji Mohamad Tuah
Determination of quality of life as measured with variants of SF-36 in patients with predialysis chronic kidney disease. MM Alhaji, J Tan, Mr Hamid, JA Timbuak, L Naing, NA Tuah Saudi medical journal 39(7),653-661.
Psychometric Evaluation of the Brunei-Malay SF-36 version 2 Health Survey. Mohammed M Alhaji, Nur Hanisah Johan, Shahrima Sharbini, Mas RW Abdul Hamid, Muhammad A M Khalil, Jackson Tan, Lin Naing & Nik AA Tuah Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. Accessible at: