The Centre welcomes commissioned projects from both public and private sectors. We provide a collaborative platform for researchers from different disciplines to work together on several overlapping research areas pertinent to these three research clusters:

youth & economy
  • Education
  • Mobility
  • Employment
  • Social Behaviour
welfare & poverty
  • Income Disparity and Wealth Distribution
  • State Subsidies and Pension
  • Philanthropy and Charity
  • Disability and Accessibility
health & aging
  • Workplace Health
  • Lifestyle Related Illnesses
  • Elderly Health and Chronic Care
  • Psychological and Physical Well-Being

Informal/Social Institutional Frameworks for Foreign Capital Flows and Economic Growth ( 2020 )

Investigated by

Assistant Professor Dr Ly Slesman @Sulaiman

A Demographic and Socio-Economic Survey on Belait District Brunei Darussalam ( 2020 )

Investigated by

Dr Ly Slesman

National Study of the Elderly Persons in Brunei Darussalam ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Khadizah Hj Mumin, Dr Yusnani Mohd Yusof, Ms Armah Tengah, Dr Ly Slesman & Susi Ibrahim

Institutions, Foreign Direct Investment and Entrepreneurship: Panel Data Evidence ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman, Assistant Professor Yazid Abubakar Abdullahi & Professor Jay Mitra

Informal/Social Institutional Frameworks for Foreign Capital Flows and Economic Growth ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman

An Empirical Study on the Effects of Social Capital on Internal Conflicts: Panel Data Evidence ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman

The Pursuit of Chinese Language among Bruneian Youths: Social, Cultural and Economic Factors ( 2019 )

Investigated by Associate Professor Hoon Chang Yau, Assistant Professor Koh Sin Yee & Associate Professor Noor Azam bin Othman

Employability of Recent Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Graduates: A Pilot Qualitative Study ( 2019 )

Investigated by Assistant Professor Koh Sin Yee, Associate Professor Hoon Chang Yau & Dr Ly Slesman

A Demographic and Socio-Economic Survey on Belait District, Brunei Darussalam ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman, AP Dr Hoon Chang Yau & Susi Ibrahim

A Quantitative Study on the Employability of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Graduates ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Ly Slesman, AP Dr Hoon Chang Yau, Dr Yazid Abubakar Abdullahi & Dr Siti Fatimahwati Pehin Dato Hj Musa.

Adolescent-friendly health services in Brunei Darussalam: a qualitative study ( 2019 )

Investigated by Dr Nik Ani Afiqah Haji Mohamad Tuah, Dr Deeni Rudita Idris, Dr Siti Norhedayah Hj Abdul Latif, Dk Ratna Suriani Pg Hj Osman, Dr Hjh Norhayati Kassim & Dr Roslin Hj Sharbawi.
AP Dr. Hoon Chang Yau

The Pursuit of Chinese language among Bruneian Youth


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Dr. Yusnani Mohd Yusof-Kozlowski
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Dr. Nik Anni Afiqah Haji Mohamad Tuah
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